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So you want to setup a Daw? You will need the minimum equipment listed below:

  • PC with harddrive. The faster the better.
  • Full-duplex soundcard, either dedicated or multimedia.
  • Multi-track recording software. You can download demonstration copies from the software makers suggested on the software page.
  • Microphone - - either a dynamic or condenser type.
  • Your instrument/s.
  • A mixer.
  • Patience.
  • Good quality cables with plugs that match the jacks of your soundcard and mixer.
  • Headphones for monitoring during recording and mixdown.
  • A monitor amplifier and speakers for mixdown monitoring. In a pinch, you can use your headphones.

Soundcard installation.

First, be sure to use all appropriate measures to protect your system by unplugging your PC, grounding yourself to avoid static discharges into your motherboard and components, etc.

Okay, I am going to sound like your father - - read your soundcard manual front to back first. Then, open your PC case and insert your full-duplex soundcard in its slot by following your manual instructions. Depending on which card you use, it will either fit in an ISA (long) slot or the PCI (short) slot. Reboot and let Windows find the card, then install the drivers that came with the card. After the install, ensure that Windows recognizes the soundcard by clicking on Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, and then Device Manager. Scroll down to the "sound, video and game controllers" icon and double click on it. Then highlight your soundcard and double click it. In the next window, if you see the message "This device is working properly" then click on the resources tab. If you see the message "No conflicts" you have successfully negotiated plug and play. If there is a conflict, you will need to resolve it before you can do any recording. This may require a reinstall or manually changing its address to eliminate the conflict. Consult your Windows and soundcard manual on how to do this.

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