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I will fill this page with links to a variety of reviews I will be doing on software and hardware products. As it grows, I will archive past reviews so you will always be able to access them. I will strive to be objective and fair in assessing products and would welcome any comments or hints readers may have about other products to review.

(9/19/05) - - The third of three reviews on internet-based studio drum services. The review.

(4/20/05) - - The second of three reviews on different internet-based drum services. The review.

(2/24/05) - - Web-based Drummer's Studio Review.

(12/26/03) Drums On Demand - - Drum Loops CD Review.

(12/3/03) Coyote Electronics Plugin Effects Review.

(2/19/02) Need to make an effect? Try WaveWarp 2.03.

(1/23/02) The Aardvark Q10 is another great option in the all-in-one studio marketplace. Read the review.

(1/18/02) For every need, someone will make a tool. The BBE Sonic Maximizer is such a tool. Read the review.

(11/30/01) The Echo Mona is one great addition to the all-in-one studio concept - - the review is here.

(8/9/01) Multi-client flexibility, balanced I/O, reasonable price - - the Echo Mia review.

(5/4/01) If you want to hear the truth in your recording, check out the Truth Audio TA-1P review.

(3/21/01) M Audio is entering the home studio/computer home theater market with the Audiophile. Read the review.

(2/28/01) Steinberg does much more than Nuendo and Cubase VST. One of its best programs is Wavelab - - a standout, reliable and powerful mastering editing program. Read the review.

(1/23/01) Applied Research and Technology (ART) has been making audio components for years. One of their mainstays is the Tube MP, a personal preamplifier/direct box. Read the review.

(12/15/00) SAWPro fits on a floppy - - a David that performs like a Goliath! Read the review.

(10/10/00) DB Audioware is a maker of fine DirectX plugin utilities. Read the review.

(10/4/00) Echo releases another great sounding card. Read the Echo Gina24 review.

(9/25/00) Grooving can be very fun. Read the review of the IK Multimedia GrooveMaker 2.0.

(9/11/00) What was once a mere drum machine is now a music maker. Read the FruityLoops review!

(8/24/00) EgoSys pioneers the portable USB audio interface with the U2A. Read the review.

(8/17/00) EgoSys is yet another Korean player in the DAW market. Their WaMi Rack24 is jam-packed with features. Read the review.

(8/11/00) Swissonic is a maker of fine A/D and D/A converters. They have released one of the most interesting and capable USB product - - the USB Studio D. Read the review.

(8/4/00) Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 makes a strong argument for all-in-one setups. Read the review.

(7/28/00) Hoontech's AudioDSP24/ADC/DAC 2000 combination provides a winning package for under $500.00. Read the review.

(7/26/00) Soundscape has a different approach to DAWs, read the Mixtreme/Powerpak review.

(7/6/00) Marshall Electronics has a big brother to the MXL2001-P, the MXL2003, read the review.

(6/26/00) Sek'd does hardware too (marketing Marian products designed for Sek'd). I review Siena.

(6/19/00) Sek'd Samplitude 2496 is a wonderfully deep and capable package. Read the Samplitude Review.

(6/1/00) The much anticipated 24-bit line of Echo gear has been launched. See the Darla24 review.

(5/25/00) Frontier Design Group has a unique approach to DAW interface gear. Read the review.

(4/27/2000) NHT Pro (formerly Vergence Audio) has reformed and is entering the pro audio market. I review the M-00 mini-monitors and the S-00 sub-woofer combo.

(4/19/2000) is a newcomer in the DirectX plugin market. Their newest release is the Sonitus:fx, version 1.3. Read the review.

(3/21/2000) The SeaSound SoloEX release has been much anticipated in the DAW world. Read the first on-line review.

(3/16/2000) The Audix SCX-one is a small microphone that packs a big sound. Read the review.

(2/24/2000) The Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe is the quietest, best sounding card I have tested yet. Read the review.

(2/17/2000)) Ever heard of Marshall Microphones? Check out the review of the MXL2001-P.

(2/9/2000) I just posted the Terratec EWS88MT review. This is an impressive card.

(1/18/2000) This one was fun to review, check out Drag and Drop Drummer, a very easy to use, very good sounding drum program.

(1/15/2000) After extensive use and testing, I reviewed Cakewalk Pro Audio V.9. This is a high-performance multi-track program that is rock-solid stable.

(12/16/99) I tested and reviewed the Gadget Labs Wave/424 soundcard, a great sounding, inexpensive 24/96 digital audio interface.

(12/6/99) I reviewed the M Audio (Midiman) Delta 66, a rock-solid performer.

(11/19/99) I tested and reviewed T-Racks, a mastering software suite. It is very nice!

(11/8/99) I tested the Xitel Storm Platinum - - a competitor to the Turtle Beach Montego II and the Soundblaster Live game cards. Check it out!

(10/28/99) The BioDrummer is one kicking drum program. Read my BioDrummer review here.

(10/25/99) Please check out my review of the Echo Layla. This is a serious recording soundcard solution for the serious user!

The Turtle Beach Montego II was recently released, with a daughtercard including S/PDIF connectivity. Read my review.

For an excellent shareware multi-track recording program, please read my review of, n-Track Studio. I think you will find it interesting.

Do you need a budget priced soundcard that still does a good job? Read my review of the Ensoniq AudioPCI soundcard.