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PCRECORDING.COM - - N-track Review

I first downloaded N-track Studio from in October of 1998. At the time, it was in version 1.01. I was initially simply curious to see if the claims made regarding its performance were true. I was very pleasantly surprised and rapidly became a fan of the program.

The program is written by Flavio Antonioli in Italy. Since my first download of version 1.02, the system has evolved to Version 2.02. It is this latest version that I am reviewing here. First, the program includes features such as enhanced wave editing functions, destructive and non-destructive effects processing (DirectX format), wave files crossfading, MIDI editing/composing capabilities with a new Piano Roll window, supports for multiple MIDI output devices, and built-in encoders for the new Windows Media Audio and MP3 formats for internet music distribution.

I downloaded the program off of the N-track Studio website. It is self-extracting and loaded directly onto my desktop. Installation is very intuitive and quite flexible. The installer gives you the option of where the directory goes and whether to include some added DirectX plugins. After the install, I was prompted to enter registration codes. The shareware version is fully usable in length of time and numbers of tracks you can record. A registration box will periodically remind you by appearing (but not during playback or recording) on the screen. In addition, certain advanced features such as mixdown to a single wave file, real-time effects and the number of non-overlapping tracks that can populate a single track are limited.

The installation went flawlessly. Selection of the input devices is done through the file/preferences button. Clicking on the wave devices button reveals a drop-down menu showing all available inputs the program detected during the install. Simply highlighting your choice and clicking on OK selects your preferred device for recording and playback. The program also supports selection of multiple cards. In this window, you can also select and set various preferences such as buffer levels, sample rates and others too numerous to mention here.

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