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Graphic courtesy of Laurie McCanna,


Producer: Frank Basile - -
Product: Web-Based Live Studio Drums Service

Years ago, when was first starting I was fortunate to receive a review copy of Drag and Drop Drummer from Frank Basile. Now, as the WWW has evolved, so too have the services available. Frank's business has evolved from solely sample based products to services that include recording drums tracks for musicians of of his website,

I will quote directly from the site: "The Live Studio Drums online system allows you to produce and oversee an entire drum session from your studio computer. In just a few simple steps you tell us about your project, upload your scratch and reference tracks, then receive your professional, custom drum tracks on CD within days. For even quicker delivery, you have the option to download all the final individual drum tracks."

The LiveStudioDrums system works in several steps. One, you fill out a Studio Checklist. Two, submit payment information (LiveStudioDrums accepts credit cards). Three, you upload your .mp3 scratch tracks (with a click track hard right or left in the mix for the first part) to their website. And, fourth, when they are done you will have a chance to listen to the tracks for approval before they are sent to you via CD or downloaded from the web. This seems simply and it is based on my experience with the service.


Live Studio Drums pricing varies depending on how quickly you need the recording back. A Basic Package for one song is $99.99 and will be delivered within 21 working days. A complete ten song album package costs $840.00 and is delivered in 21 days. If you need it quicker, please refer to the price list here.

Ease of Use:

I found the user interface for the site very easy to use. The user has several options to choose from that influence the sound of the drum recording. These include choice of snare drum, the overall feel of the drum strikes themselves and the technical choices of sample rate, bit-depth and file type.

In my case, I sent two tracks to One was a straight-forward acoustic rock song and the other was a rather poorly tracked scratch piece where I had great difficulty keeping time with my click track. In short order after submittal I received demo tracks that were right on what I wanted. I approved them each in order of receipt and received a link to download from the LiveStudioDrums website.

After the download was complete, I uncompressed the file and had eight pristine drum tracks in 24 bit, mono format, a reference track mix and a click track mix. The sound quality was top-notch, clean and full. Frank includes an additional feature at the end of the tracks - - after the song is done, he continues recording each individual drum and cymbal with a couple of strikes to each at varying intensities. That way, if you wish to add a sound to his track you can do so in your recording software.

I imported these tracks into Samplitude and Cubase and retracked the songs. The results were terrific and brought the songs alive in a way I have not heard before.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the drums is very clean and very full sounding. The production and service is extremely professional. As important as technical sound quality - - Frank's interpretation and input on the songs through his drum playing is very creative, professional and exciting. Simply put, I could not be happier with the tracks.

I include links to both songs I worked with Frank on here - - BushWars and Old Man. Real drums make for much more real songs. That it is at an affordable price is simply phenomonal.