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Graphic courtesy of Laurie McCanna,


Producer: Elad Fish - -
Product: Web-Based Live Studio Drums Service

In the summer of 2004, I received an email from Elad Fish, owner of He had seen my site and was inquiring if I cared to review his services. I went to the site and was instantly intrigued by what it offered as indicated below:

DrumsForYou features:

  • Real drums recorded to user submitted music
  • Preview track downloadable for approval/comments by the user before payment is required.
  • Delivery of studio standard audio tracks at 16, 20 or 24 bit resolution and 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 KHz via the internet
  • Artist can specify one of three snare drums


Contact directly for current pricing.

About Elad Fish:

I asked Elad to answer a few questions about himself and the site.

  • Question 1: What is your musical background and influences?
  • Answer: Drumming is my profession but I'm also a keyboard player and producer. When it comes to drum recordings, I think that it's very important to understand the function of each instrument playing in the project. Seeing the big picture and grasping the nuances of individual parts of the song is crucial to fitting the perfect drum track for a song. Learning other aspects of music such as producing and sound engineering, has also influenced my sound and playing technique on drums.

    In my playing I was influenced by jazz and pop drummers such as Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl and Steve Smith. I admire drummers who believe in simplicity and focus on sound and feel in their playing style. While recording in, I'm exposed to almost all kinds of music ranging from trip-hop, country and jazz through fusion, metal, etc. I appreciate every client with their own taste and do my best to fit the best drum track to the client's preferred style and sound.

  • Question 2: How did you get started in music?
  • Answer: I started as a classic pianist at a very young age and learned music for about 7 years. At the age of 14 I started playing drums. After a while I decided to establish my own recording studio in order to record some of my bands' songs. A few years later I rebuilt my studio to professional standards and started producing singles for artists and various recording projects.
  • Question 3: How did you get started in web-based services for
  • Answer: I started recording drum tracks for a few producers here in Israel. One time, during the holiday stress, one of the producers I have worked with didn't have time to reach my studio in order to record his drum track. So I offered him to send me a sketch of his project through email. I recorded the drums and sent him the tracks. Having used this technique successfully, I got the idea of making an online drum recording studio for artists and producers that need professional and custom drum tracks for their projects.
  • Question 4: Do you intend to associate or link up with musicians playing other instrument to provide similar services as you do for drums?
  • Answer: Yes, we are about to expand's offering in the near future to include bass recording services. Specializing in a wide variety of styles from jazz to reggae through pop and rock - we offer the full basis for the rhythm section specifically tailored to our client's needs. Just as we do with our drum recordings, we provide a free mp3 preview of the bass track. Customers may ask for changes, and are not required to pay for the final take until they are satisfied with what they hear.
  • Ease of Use:

    The user interface for the site was very easy to follow. It contains easy to understand information about how to use the service. Essentially, the user needs to record a click track - - splitting the scratch track and the click track right/left. Then, the recording should be converted to a .mp3 file with the click track included.

    Next, you go to the website and click on the order a song button, fill in some song data, including the desired bit rate and sample rate and your choice of which snare drum you would like Elad to use. Click here to see. Then you upload the sketch track on this page. After that you simply go through the checkout process on the site. Depending on the size of your file and your connection speed, the upload is painless. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the file.

    In my case, I received a follow up email within an hour that the file had been received and a preview track within twelve hours. (This was a Saturday night). The preview track was really good and I had only a few minor suggestions. On Monday, I received an email indicating that my audio tracks were available for download off of Eladís server, including a direct link to the tracks. The tracks (24 bit) were compressed into a .rar file. ( I downloaded the .rar utility from the web). Then, I downloaded the drum tracks onto my harddrive. It took a long time because the files were huge. If you do not have a good internet connection or yours is very slow, the files can be sent via CD to you.

    After the download was complete, I uncompressed the file and had nine pristine drum tracks in 24 bit, mono format and a suggested stereo mix. They included a snare top/bottom, right/left toms, floor drums r/l, right/left overheads, highhat, kick drums and the suggested stereo mix of all the drums by Elad was very good, nicely balanced and full in tone. The tonal quality of the recording was top-notch.

    I use Samplitude and Cubase primarily for my tracking needs. It was very simple to import these tracks into the software and rerecord. By simply inserting the files hard left in the tracking software I was able to then record new tracks to the drums in perfect timing. The results were very satisfying, the feel is live and real.

    Sound Quality:

    Now, the big question is whether the drums sound good and whether the drummer is good. I can say without qualification that Elad is a very good drummer, with a tight feel and natural interpretation of the music. A real drummer will always sound better than the best samples I can possibly put together. Such is the case here.

    Of course, since sound quality is a personal interpretation, I include a brief sample of the tracks by themselves here. (Please right click and save). I also include my still in production version of one of the songs here.

    If you want real drums on your songs and do not have a friend to play this service is a wonderful option. Think about it, a session drummer on demand at a reasonable price. What could be better?